Tuesday, December 20, 2011

By "My" Hands

The Christmas Break Exercise continues this morning!

Yesterday was the last day that we had carpet in the big room of the KFC building. Here is a picture of it before we got to ripping out the carpet.

I could talk about how awesome a job I did in getting the carpet out. Genius could point out that I cut it first in small strips to make it easier to pull up. I thought about cutting hand holds in the carpet too so I could get a better grip! I'm so wise. My strength could also win the day as I point to that! You can tell my strength just by looking at me, after all! Look at me...I did...I...I....me...my...

Hear the word of the Lord about Assyria, who God used to destroy Israel for their rebellion, from Isaiah 10:12-13:
"When the Lord has finished all his work [read "destruction"] on Mount Zion and on Jerusalem, he will punish the arrogant boasting of the king of Assyria and his haughty pride. For he says: 'By the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my wisdom, for I have understanding; I have...plundered their treasures.'"
It is so easy to slip into thinking that I am the one who does all these awesome things...whatever those awesome things are! Classes...assignments...finals...tight budget...many friends...spiritual progress. I easily forget that I am merely the tool in God's hand. I am the instrument he uses to accomplish his purposes.

Remember to keep your pride in check during the break, especially when around family. It is easy to think too highly of yourself in these moments. Remember that you are still learning and that many people know more than you do. Knowledge and understanding belong to the Lord! Strength and power are His! The Lord says, "All things come about by my hands."

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