Thursday, May 29, 2008


We leave for Panama on Monday morning. Things are kindof getting crazy around here! There are always last minute things to get together. That is just how these trips go.

I am excited to see how our whole family does in another country together. I'm sure we will do fine, but someone mentioned on Sunday that Tyler is going to be walking when he gets back. That will probably be true! I never thought of that. We think the family we are staying with has a little girl about Kayla's age, so language might be interesting, but really cool to watch. Hopefully the little Spanish Kayla does know will help out.

This year is also going to be good to see how God works through what we offer. Our team is wonderful! I can't wait to read again.

Lord, please guide our steps. Let us walk with you. Continue to prepare the hearts that will be touched by your word this summer, my own included. You are amazing. Protect us for your name's sake. Amen.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chris' Personality

Thanks to Doug Page for leading me to this page. It was good to take this personality test again. I think I scored the same before, but I'm not exactly sure. When I read the whole profile, it was pretty insightful into how I approached ministry! It is nice to know that I have a similar personality to people like Albert Eistein and Socrates. Interesting. Very interesting. Check it out.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

INTP - The "Engineer"

INTPs are logical, individualistic, reserved, and very curious individuals. They focus on ideas, theories and the explanation of how things work. They are especially adept at discussions and debate. They have the ability to focus intently on a subject. They appreciate and respect intelligence in others.