Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Advisers and Action, Part 1

Breaks have generally been the time when I concentrate on getting things more organized, especially in my office. As I have been doing this again, I recall a time when an anonymous person (still unknown) hired a professional organizer to help me overcome my organizational struggles. At first, it was difficult to admit that I needed someone else to help me do something as simple as organize my office. "After all," I blindly reasoned, "I can do this 'simple' stuff myself! Why bring someone else in?"

Well, I learned through this exercise that having many advisers is wise. Several Proverbs (11:14; 15:22; 24:6) make this incredibly obvious! Proverbs 24:6 is characteristic: "Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers." They bring various perspectives and offer varying opinions. So, Adonna came in and helped me a great deal! She wrote out a plan of action and gave me great advice! I'm incredibly grateful for her expertise!

Here is what happened.

I kept the plan she developed near my desk for a while. It made me feel good. I had a plan! It was awesome! So...I made sure the plan was close, laying near enough for me to see it so that I could hop on it as soon as I had some time! Every time I looked at it, good emotions and smiles came to my heart, especially since my desk stayed clean for much longer than any other time I'd cleaned it off before! I had a plan after all!

Occasionally, I would take her plan into my hands and flip through it's pages reminding myself of the plan! Stirring myself once again I resolved to get to it soon, maybe even this coming weekend. Having made this "absolutely definitive and concrete plan" with the awesome word "maybe" (cough, cough), I put her plan back in it's place. Well, as you can imagine, the busyness of ministry continued. Eventually, another "important thing" to remember got placed on top of this great organization plan that never completely materialized!

While I will continue this story tomorrow, here is a concluding thought for today. Asking for advice is difficult! It forces us to come to terms with our own deficiencies. We see the weaknesses...and so do our advisers! In the end, however, we must recognize it is only a FIRST STEP in moving forward. Following through with the plan is much more difficult!

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