Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Joy of Potty Training

Kayla is growing up so fast! Because she likes crackers, potty training has become one of Kayla's favorite hobbies. Yesterday, nine times she said, "Iwa tee tee." That means, "I want to go tee tee on the toilet so I can get a cracker." Many times when she finishes her cracker, she asks for another one. Once I tell her that she only gets a cracker when she goes tee tee or poo poo, she immediately says, "Iwa tee tee" again. We smile and say, "You just went tee tee." She smiles back and says, "yeah." It is pretty cute. I love how she is growing up! I guess she will be driving in a few months, so I better get ready!

This makes me wonder about how we grow up in Christ. What is it like for God to watch us grow up? I know the joy I have in seeing Kayla discover new things, learn new words, play with legos, laugh as she learns she can keep the rope away from our dog, and just grow up as a human. It truly is a joy!

Solomon understood this when he began his proverbs in Proverbs 10:1 by saying, "A wise son brings joy to his father." As children apply wisdom to their life, it impacts more than just themselves. It brings joy to their parents and others who see. In the same manner, as children of the God who sees all we do, our wise choices in life bring joy to our heavenly father. I imagine a heavenly smile coming across the face of God when I choose to live according to God's matter how small and basic it is. It is a joy for God to see us going t-t in the potty as well as designing a brand new potty for others. How are you going to bring joy to your heavenly father today?

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