Thursday, January 11, 2007

illustrations of worth

Last Sunday I went to the Hispanic class. They only spoke Spanish. It was good for me to be there for many reasons. I always jump at opportunities to improve my Spanish. Also, I had never heard of a few things the teacher had said. They were not foreign concepts to me, but the way that he presented them was new. It was also good that I got to hear his illustrations as he taught.

He talked about the New Testament in relation to the whole Bible. It was like the meat of a sandwich giving all the flavor. You could just eat the bread or lettuce, but the substance is gone. This is the illustration that stands out to me. There were other examples that I cannot recall right now, but he continued throughout the class relating to people through illustrations.

Obviously, Jesus did the same. I have tried to get better and better at this in my own teaching too. Just this morning I realize that I need to meditate on life more. Illustrations are everywhere. Spending the time thinking through life will help me connect my teaching with students' lives. Much of my prep time this semester will be allowing God to guide my thinking in this regard: how can I present illustrations of worth

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