Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Church Website

Two Sundays ago, I had four college students come to Sunday morning class. The problem was that we were no longer having college class. There were just not enough students coming. Sometimes no one would show up! It was very discouraging. So, when I told them that we didn't have class, they began wondering where they should go. One student asked me where the "Body, Soul, and Spirit" class met. I didn't know, but as I asked someone I realized that all adult Bible Classes were currently going through the One-Year Bible reading. Each class would be doing that. The student told me she saw this class on the church website and I knew I had to break the news. Our church website had not been updated recently.

This incident got me to try to begin tackling the job of updating our website. It needs major help! I am taking the initiative because that is what our community needs. We will see what happens, but I am still waiting to get access soon.

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Anonymous said...

I for one appreciate you taking on this job. Our website needs so much help, and I am certaintly not the one to even try. So, thanks, I know a lot of people will be gracious for your effort.

Kelsey Sanders