Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Instrumental Worship

Rick Atchley and the elders at Richland Hills Church of Christ have added a third service on Saturday night. This worship service will be instrumental worship. It obviously is being watched by many churches in our fellowship. It also poses questions throughout the Churches of Christ.

I found out about a three-part sermon series by Rick Atchley about the decision they made as a congregation. Something I can say about Rick is that he always boldly proclaims God's word! After watching the lessons, he has encouraged me in my ministry in Huntsville to seriously consider how I encourage and/or challenge those around me. This is a difficult task that many minister face, myself included. How much do I affirm what others already believe? How much do I challenge them? How much do I reorient people? No matter what, though, I must stand on the word of God. Rick poses very interesting questions that I pray glorify God.

Here are some questions I struggle with in this conversation about instrumental music:

How can healthy conversation happen without "sides" becoming polarized? Can we learn anything from those with whom we disagree?

When is it appropriate to give up my "rights" in an effort to edify the church?

What is the relationship between corporate worship and individual worship?

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