Thursday, January 18, 2007

Birthday time

Kayla turned two years old today. Tonight at devo we sang happy birthday to her. She didn't know what to do with the candle, but we were just practicing for tomorrow for her party. It is hard to believe that she is already two!! It really does go by fast.

This reminds me of how little time we have here on earth. We were born just yesterday!! With this little amount of time given us we need to glorify God. It won't be long until our chances are up. As long as it is called today...glorify Him.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy Birthday, Kayla! It is hard to believe that she is already two. On the other hand, it is a reminder that Josiah is about to be three! She will be the perfect age for the new baby brother. What a blessing our kids are to us! Congrats on two years of excellent parenting to you both!