Tuesday, January 23, 2007

God's Word

This year we have begun reading through the Bible using a One-Year Bible reading schedule. It is about four, sometimes five, pages of reading. There is a passage from the OT, a passage from the NT, a Psalm, and a Proverb every day. I have kept to the schedule. It is actually much easier than the schedule I had been keeping the last year and a half.

I must say that this sipping of God's word that I have been doing this year has proved to be refreshing. I find myself not compelled toward study. I don't think about lessons that can come from these passages as I am reading. I just read. In doing so, I notice things I'm not sure that I would have noticed before. New implications for the reading. New ideas and concepts on living that I glossed over until now.

My day is filled with more grace since the reading. Praise God for his enduring word. It refreshes the soul. It grabs the heart. It sustains life. May your word be near me, Lord. May it never depart.

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Whit said...

Dude, how did you know that Olive Garden was right across the street from the hospital? Adrienne and I used your gift card to have a much needed date last weekend. Your gift was perfect. Keep it up bro and let Tanya know we love her too.