Monday, September 29, 2008


Have you grown since yesterday?

This is an interesting question. Like a blade of grass turning to its lawn buddy blade and asking, "Do I look taller or more lush to you today?" Or the time I overheard the little oak tree ask the sparrow how mighty it had become since their last encounter one day earlier. It is an interesting and maybe irrelevant question.

There are times that we need to stop and gaze down from the heights of our forrest and remember our mighty smallness. It is good to remember the simpleness of what once was, how far one has come.

But, to merely think back will get us nowhere if we do not continue attending to the cultivation that made this growth possible. We will soon die if we lose ourselves in the bliss of recollection. In fact, I suggest that remembering should compel us toward action. It should goad us into the possibility of the future. It should catapult our hands over the walls that lead to inaction and passivity.

How great a task it is to remember! Growth happens. Where has it happened in your life? Be careful as you remember.

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