Thursday, September 04, 2008


Can I go a whole day not saying an audible word all day long? I am going to try tomorrow. Looking at my schedule, I think it will be possible especially since Tanya and the kids are in Dallas right now. Well, I guess I will speak when Tanya calls me tomorrow. That will be my only exception.

Well, let's say that I will speak only when necessity requires it tomorrow. Sometimes hard, fast rules don't accomplish what they intend. If, for example, as I was sitting outside my house tomorrow two cars crashed head-on, then breaking the rule to call 9-1-1 would be the wise and appropriate thing to do. So, a set rule to not talk tomorrow isn't appropriate upon further reflection. I'm curious to see what this exercise will produce.

May your Spirit, God, speak powerfully as I silence my own tongue. Let my ears be attentive. Father, if you desire, send someone who needs a listening ear tomorrow. I will not speak unless necessity requires it. Teach me your ways, Lord.

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