Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whatever Happens

Here is a little quote from Thomas a Kempis' Imitation of Christ (1.20.6):

"In silence and stillness the devout soul advances and learns the hidden truths of Scripture. There it finds the salutary tears that wash away the guilt of sin, so that it grows more intimate with God as it severs itself from the clamor of the world."

It has been good to begin going back through this wonderful book again. (We are taking various passages from the Imitation as discussion points for Thursday night devos this semester.) I find that every time I open its pages I meet challenge. Though there are certainly weaknesses to the book, I find the ever-present charge to be attentive to my soul. He also reminds me of humility, something any minister needs.

As the hurricane gets even closer and evacuations already beginning, silence and stillness is a good reminder. It is important to remember the one in whom we trust. "Whatever happens," Paul writes, "conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ." The hidden truth of scripture lets us make preparations for the hurricane, but also lets our hearts remain unmoved and still.

My heart continues to go toward those having to vacate their homes. May your peace surround them as the fog surrounded my car this morning. Let your presence be close, Lord. Keep us safe in your hands.

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