Thursday, September 04, 2008


Having quit coffee, I am now thinking about at least limiting my intake of cokes, usually of the Dr. Pepper variety. Yesterday kindof confirmed that for me. In the late afternoon, I began to have a little bit of a headache. I realized that I had only had water all day. It made matters a little worse when I couldn't find any Advil or something for my headache. I went to sleep with my head pounding.

Here are my thoughts. Anything that produces in me some sort of reliance on that thing surely detracts me from totally relying on God. It makes me dependent on that thing rather than on God. Some of the obvious addiction tendencies are things like alcohol, drugs, sex, smoking, and caffeine. Some of the less obvious addiction tendencies are things like ways of doing things, cleaning up, making a mess, talking down to others, hatred, slander, food, and laughter. There are so many kinds of addictions, but anything becomes an addiction when it takes away from completely relying on God.

We all have addictions that control us, but I wonder if God calls us to begin laying these down at the cross one by one until we've learned to be completely reliant on Him. What addictions does God want out of your life?

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Lisa said...

Of course, I read this while sipping a cup of coffee! I have thought about this concept before in relation to my feeling about caffeine, but haven't ever done anything about it. It is interesting because here in Utah coffee and tea are taboo (Mormon teachings), but instead people just load up on Mountain Dew. In a way, I have felt a little like drinking my coffee has been like lauding the freedom of Christ.
Miss you guys!