Thursday, May 31, 2007

Family Golf

I am enjoying my time in Carrollton. Yesterday I played golf with my dad, uncle, and cousin. I really wanted to play while in Dallas, so I made sure that we got that chance. (I was able--amazingly enough--to pack my golf clubs in our already over-stuffed car!)

I knew that it would be more fun--especially for my dad--if we could play a scramble. I didn't care if it was a four-man or a two-man. I knew that it would just be a fun thing to do. My family tends to be incredibly competitive, so I wanted to diminish this a little. A scramble takes some of the individual competition out of play so we can just enjoy playing.

Through five holes my dad and I were four under par! Then we had to stop playing because of a HUGE storm passing through. An hour-and-a-half later we continued play. It wasn't the same. We finished the front nine two under and shot two over on the back finishing even par! Oh well! It was fun, we spent some good family time together, and that is what matters.


How many times do we forget to enjoy life? We tend to make too many things a competition. I behave better that him...I have better clothes than she does...We raise our kids better than they do...and so on it goes. Let's enjoy each day to its fullest with what God has already given us! Then we can point to God rather than ourselves when we finish even par, 18 under, or 46 over.

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