Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have a bad, annoying habit on the computer that goes way back!

When I was in grad school I had a laptop. But this was a clunker of a laptop. It was take-a-nap slow! Also, if it was not plugged in, it would shut down! How annoying was that!?

More than one time when I was in the middle of class, typing away at my notes, someone came by in the row in front of me and accidentally kicked my power cord so that it my computer shut down immediately. The WONDERFUL thing about that was that I had not saved my file for a while. I lost all those notes!! It really wasn't a wonderful thing!

So...I learned to hit ctrl-s to save my file. It became second nature for me. I wouldn't even think about it. Sometimes someone would come by and again knock my cord out of socket. The computer would shut down. I would panic only to find that I had just unknowingly pushed ctrl-s before this happened. I was happy that I had developed this great skill. Many a notes have been saved because of this habit.

The bad thing about this now is that the laptop is long gone, but the habit remains. Admittedly, I have gotten better at not always pushing ctrl-s, but occasionally Mr. CTRL-S rears his head at unfortunate times.

Just a second ago was one of those times. On blogger, there are many shortcut keys that I can use. ctrl-b bolds a piece of text, ctrl-i italicizes my text, and (here it is) ctrl-s publishes my blog. So...for those of you who have subscribed to my blog by last post was actually posted prematurely. Someone walked into my office, I stopped typing, and my fingers automatically hit ctrl-s "so I could make sure my work was saved." But...right when it happened, I realized that I just published what I had been working on. ahhh! Thankfully, not much changed this time.

I hope you enjoy yourself Mr. CTRL-S. Laugh now! Your day will come...oh yes...your day will come!

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Anonymous said...

i know the feeling. forunatly, that day has already come. i was planing to have two saves on a game. One: my "noob" file, and Two: my better expected file. On the "noob" file I had accedentaly stumbled across an extreamly rare item that selled for many $$$. unfotuanatly, when i tried to save the second file, somehow, the selected file turned out to be my "noob" file and the game was already saving.

it's moments like these that you wonder why god made the serpent. well, you may not think that, but you ussualy get really annoyed at no one in paticular, so I count that pretty close.

Andrew W/E (brother sharp)