Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We continue to make adjustments as we learn what being a family of four (five if you count our dog Chica) means. I now wake up a couple times a night in order to burp Tyler, to change his diaper, to swaddle him, and to put him back to sleep. A good 10-15 minute task. I am also in a position to wash most of the dishes, a commitment Tanya reminds me about fairly often. I'm adjusting...just be patient. Adjustments are a good thing.

In fact, I hope that I always take time to make adjustments to my life. It would not be a good thing to get to the point where I feel like no more adjustments are necessary. That would be like saying, "I don't have to change with the ever-changing world." Then I would be stuck in an archaic period of time disconnected from real life unable to connect.

We must adjust...there is no way around it. How are you going to make adjustments today?

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