Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to Different

This morning another poem came to me as I was deep in thought and preparation for the upcoming academic year. My mind went to trying to describe the Kats for Christ ministry to a new student for the first time. We certainly approach the beginning of the year differently than many other ministries on least it seems that way.

To briefly explain, we refuse to act like a ministry we will never be. In my mind, that would be a form bait and switch where a new student comes in getting the impression that we do this all the time and at some point realizing our (even innocent) ruse!

Therefore, we intentionally try to reflect in the first week, the kind of ministry we are. We do have fun! We do talk about Jesus in normal conversation! We do serve! We do dig in God's word! We do serve again! We do hang out! And we do give academic advice as spiritual advice! It is...different! Here is a glimpse of my thoughts captured in this poem:

Welcome to Different
It's Same at first
Upon the surface
Explosion, burst!

Then a peculiar
Happening occurs
The depth of love
Erupts in blurs

It confuses
It taunts
It reaches
It flaunts

It rises upon
Our hearts until
Suddenly Different
There revealed

It teaches
It grow

Then service erupts
The other is clear
A towel to wash
Salvation is near

Welcome to Different
You can never go back
Embrace the call
And life never lack!

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