Thursday, September 13, 2012

Busy Like a 7-Page Page

We wear busyness as a badge of honor! "Oh! I'm so busy" is usually said as a way to tout our unseen significance trophy we carry around with us everywhere. It is as if the more busier we are, the more important we are!

I disagree.

In fact, if we are so busy that we have no time to rest at all, this is a sign that we are living a less than human life. Think about it. God worked. God rested. And God created us in His image. So...we too are able to reflect God's character when we work and when we rest. To exclude one or the other would be living a life less than God's plan for humanity, to live less than human.

With that in mind, I created a video meant to highlight the absurdity of our busyness. I run around trying to fit so much stuff into the same amount of time, as if I can actually do everything! I do this too much and I am ready to stop it!

This insanity is like trying to fit a 7-page Pre-Course writing assignment I wrote for one of my Doctorate of Ministry classes onto one page! Thus, we are busy like a 7-page page. I hope you enjoy my silliness.

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Doug Page said...

I wanted to read this post but I was too busy.