Monday, September 24, 2007

Typical Day in Huntsville, Texas

Well, Monday morning rolls around in Huntsville, Texas. Normal day of going through a generally predictable schedule. People going about their business. I go to the office, meet with my ministry leader, get on campus to be available for students. Then...wham...inmates escape, kill the guard, take the shot gun, steal a few cars, run around town avoiding the authorities, then get to a field I have run past a ton of times. Something huge you would think!!! Sure...if you live outside of Huntsville. I saw it on CNN and Houston News Stations. I know it was a big deal.

A crazy thing happened to me that showed me how sectioned off my life has become in regard to the prison system in Huntsville, Texas. Here is what happened.

I was on campus (like I said). I heard a college student run up to another student yelling about what was happening. I heard this student talk about inmates out, everyone on lock-down, shotgun, hostage, still happening, let's go find out more. The other student receiving the information said, "Hell yeah! Let's go!" as he grabbed his bag and they ran off together.

My first thought was, "Wow! I guess they have it under control so I don't need to worry about it too much." I looked around and briefly thought that it wasn't too serious because they haven't done anything on campus to get people to leave. The prisons have been on lock-down before, and nothing big happened. I heard the helicopter, continued to sit there reading my book, got up at the time I normally do, and went on with my day as I had planned it.

Why was my first thought not about calling Tanya to tell her to lock the doors and not go anywhere? Why did I not think about praying for the supposed hostages? I guess I did pray that these guys on the loose not hurt anyone else, but it was a passing prayer; I didn't dwell on it too long. Why was I not too concerned about the development of this crazy scare our city was experiencing? What is going on in my head!!??

There is a separation in my mind concerning the prison system in Huntsville, Texas. "It really doesn't effect the goings on of everyday life too much," I think to myself. "That is what 'they' do, but it doesn't penetrate 'my' world." "Stuff like this just happens; I can't control that." I'm a little concerned about what happened today in my head.

Lord, help me to understand how this city has affected the way I see what you are doing. Please use me to show others the way they section off their life in regard to the prison system. May we develop a sensitivity to the evil that presides in Huntsville, Texas and grow in our compassion for those you really miss the most.


David Heflin said...

I remember similar events taking place while I was there. It is amazing how we shield ourselves from involvement, espcially emotional involvement. I think social concern is something that we can all really grow in. Thanks for the thoughts and prayer.

Anonymous said...

september 2007... i almost forgot how recent this really was. i guess i tend to block out a good portion of it. i was shot at by the inmates where they bailed to the woods. one bullet went through the hood and the other hit the windshield where it connects to the roof. bad times.