Thursday, September 06, 2007

Prayer Sign

My sign reads, "Need Prayers? I will pray for you." I have been having all kinds of responses to my sign. Just yesterday a lady told me that she has seen me sitting here for a few weeks. She said last week she felt the Lord telling her to come ask me to pray for something going on in her life...she struggled with what to do, but she ended up not coming. Yesterday she finally came and we had a great conversation about God working in people's lives. She thanked me for doing this and said she would come by.

Two days ago a student came to me pointing to the sign. She said, "I need this." A really close friend was tragically killed in a car accident a week before coming to college. She was headed to the counseling center for this very reason. I told her that I will be here if she needs something. It was at this moment that I was positioned right in front of the counseling center on campus. More students will probably come.

I continually see students from our group on campus. Some of these students stop by regularly and we have great conversations. These are conversations that would not have ever happened had I been in the office.

I praise you God for giving me the courage to go out on campus and be available to students. Continue to bring students to you through my being available to them. You are such a good God.

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