Monday, February 26, 2007

God is Faithful

The sermon last night got me to thinking. Bob encouraged us to know that God is faithful. There truly are passages throughout scripture that put this truth before us. It cannot be ignored!

The question that lingers in my mind is this: how faithful am I? If I am being transformed into the image of the invisible God, and if my character progresses towards that of God's more and more each day, how faithful am I?

Is "faithful" the word that people would use to describe the way that I am committed to my spouse? He is faithful. Would it describe the way that I raise my children? He is faithfully present with them, especially when he says he will be. Do people use "faithful" to describe how I edify the those around me? You can really count on Chris to edify others...that is just something he does. When temptation comes knocking in its various forms, can I say that I am "faithful" to stand up under it and resist temptation for the glory of our faithful God? He faithfully resists all temptation and points to God in the process. Can "faithful" encapsulate the nature of my business dealings, my taxes, my travel logs, my speedometer, and my friendships? Is "faithful" the word that is used to describe me?

This is a scary question. Most of the time, it is so because it confronts me with my unfaithfulness. I have a long way to go toward being completely faithful. So do all of us. Yet, it also encourages me toward perfect faithfulness. Because I desire to reflect God completely, I desire to be perfectly faithful. Therefore, I press on.

And you need to also! The implications of "God is faithful" abound. How are you living out God's faithfulness in your life today? What do you need to perfect in the realm of faithfulness? Be faithful as God is faithful.

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