Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nancy Grace's Church of Christ

I don't think I have ever posted anything about news-related stuff, but when it involves discussion about the Church of Christ I feel compelled. Last night I happened to be watching Nancy Grace on CNN who was talking about the Church of Christ preacher's wife in Tennessee who shot her husband. Nancy said that she didn't know much about the Church of Christ; I appreciate her honesty. But then she brings on a Baptist preacher (probably from the same small town in TN) to tell us what the Church of Christ is all about. I understand that it was a small town, but you would think that you go to a minister of the same denomination to find out what they believe. It was almost comical the caricature that this Baptist portrayed. I am not sure, but I wonder (just now) if his experience was with the International Church of Christ...who knows. He did mention something about methods of intimidation and pressure tactics. That sounds odd to me, but oh well...that is what he said.

The things he said remind me of an antiquated sentiment within our heritage. Mentioning baptism he said (I found the transcript), "Well, they claim that if you`re not baptized by one of their ministers, that you`re doomed to hell, even if you`re a believer in Jesus Christ..." I guess I am in trouble as a minister of the Church of Christ according to his picture since I was baptized in the Baptist Church.

I did feel compelled to write them a pretty positive email encouraging them to do good research. It won't take long to find out that their representation of the Church of Christ was very poorly done. Even though our heritage brings autonomy to the local congregation, I encouraged them to look at churches in Abilene and Nashville.

Overall, I hope that this trial does not end up causing many Churches of Christ unnecessary grief or hardship in spreading the news of Jesus Christ, who does save by grace through faith (that is in Romans and Ephesians by the way).


Anonymous said...

I am really proud of you son that you had the courage and conviction to email them and let them know your feelings on their presentation about getting their facts straight. May the Lord keep that conviction in your heart always. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I just read the transcript of the Grace interiview two day's ago. I too was compelled to write CNN, though not so positive. I was deeply offended by the lack of journalistic integrity. To their credit they did interview Rubel Shelly on a different day, but she dominated the conversation.

Some things in the transcript bothered me because they have their roots in negative things in our heritage, but it was still unfair to have a baptist minister commenting about our fellowship. Your idea that he might have encountered the ICOC is interesting, but I think a southern (geographically) Baptist Pastor would know the difference.

Hey, I just wanted to say something on your blog!