Friday, March 03, 2006

Monster Weeds

I finally got around to pulling up some gargantuan weeds in our yard. Some of these monsters were taller than I am. I am embarrassed that I let them get this big this winter. I guess I am not used to weeds growing like this where I came from, especially in the winter when you do not need to maintain the yard. Well, I learned something.

By the time I was almost finished pulling all these suckers up, my nose was dripping so bad that I decided not to mow the yard would wait until tomorrow. So, I went inside and took a shower. When I got out I looked down at my arms, and they were puffy red with welts all over them. I couldn't believe it! I guess I got into something that broke me out. If i would have just maintained the yard all winter, I would not be full of Benadryl right now about to fall asleep. Guess I am learning my lesson.

This reminds me of times in my life when I innocently let the weeds stay. I let a bad thought linger in my mind; I quietly let my anger build as I 'valiently' remain quiet when I feel wronged; I fill my eyes with unproductive TV; I have an extra cookie or five when I know I don't need them; I go ahead and have another coke when I know I could drink water instead. All these weeds I just let grow ever so slowly. Then, all of a sudden, they are bigger than I am. Even when I try to tackle them, they leave marks that don't go away. I must suffer through my choice to let these weeds grow so big...there is no way around them or the affects they had on my battle against them.

Let us pull up the weeds of sin that so easily entangle us. Lord, show us that our little choices to avoid sin in this moment right now lead us away from the consequences of ignoring what we thought were 'little' problems.


Anonymous said...

I read it! Good thoughts. The weeds only get bigger. Sounds like a sermon idea to me!


Unknown said...

I am preaching it this coming Sunday evening in an abbreviated Easter service. We are having a choir from Boston come perform at our church that evening.