Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christian Chronicle Article

Through the last few years, I have talked several times about the prayer sign on campus. It is such a freeing thing in my schedule and has definitely continued to evolve each semester I sit out on campus. I was asked to write a little article in the November 2009 edition of the Christian Chronicle about my experience with the sign.

I can't find a direct link to the article online, but you can download a pdf copy of the Christian Chronicle on the right side of their site. My article is on page thirty five.

Other campus ministry articles in this edition point to how campus ministry is a major mission field often overlooked as a mission. We often think of it as one of the regular ministries of a local body when it is more appropriate to approach campus ministry like a foreign mission effort. It just happens to be in the same town.

Enjoy the reading and send me feedback on my blog.


Greg Eubanks said...

Read your article in the Chronicle. I posted it on my facebook page and twitter the line:"Our ministry to students should not point them back to us - our fliers, our programs, our organizations. Nor should we make it out goal merely to fill church pews with students. Our actions should point students to Jesus alone." Chris Blair - www.katsforchrist.com (from Christian Chronicle)

Love it! "He must increase, I must decrease."

Unknown said...

I like it! Thanks for the encouragement. I have been amazed at how many people are encouraged through God's little sign I sit next to on campus! Keep decreasing!