Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Small Groups

Our congregation is beginning the actual process of meeting in smaller groups of people throughout the town on Sunday evenings. I absolutely love that we are moving in this direction. It reflects a way of thinking that is similar to that of the early Christians. It also helps us move outside of the church walls.

As I talk to more and more people in our congregation about this move our elders have made (alongside of the ministry staff), I find that many people are somewhat enthusiastic. Obviously, questions and concerns arise, but this happens with any transition. Most of the time, I believe, these concerns will be assuaged as the groups begin meeting. There is nothing like actually experiencing small groups to know what they are like. There seems to be a general attitude that is eagerly anticipating the change; perhaps God will make himself known to us more through small groups.

This is an exciting time in Huntsville. God is moving us closer to meeting people's needs in a way we don't currently offer. I pray that he continues to guide us in His wisdom and His discernment. Many decisions are being made now that will determine our direction for a little while anyway.

You, Lord, are the only one we seek to please. We need you to guide our leaders' hearts as they make these decisions. Help us to bring glory to your name, not our own. It is for the sake of your name that we move toward meeting in smaller groups. May people look at this and say...God is truly among them.


Brian H. said...


I really hope the people in Huntsville go into your small groups with an attitude that helps them succeed. This is a big time of transition. This is a time when some people may have to step up to the plate, when asked how they are doing, and say,"Not too good." Small groups have a way of helping a person be more real with their situations and feelings with one another. But, just being in small groups can't force people to be more open. That's always a problem. I will keep your congregation's efforts in my prayers. God bless y'all!

Brian Humek

Unknown said...

I do know that some people are not wanting to go to small groups. The challenge is to be okay with this. Allow them to choose what they want to belong to. They can belong to Jesus without belonging to a small group. Sometimes we give people the impression that small groups are the epitome of being a part of our church. I don't think this is necessarily true.

Brian H. said...

True. Churches do need to beware not to look down on those who don't want to be part of small group. We worship someplace where people I love most would never attend a small group, but they are absolutely wonderful Christians.

Peace to you Chris!