Sunday, December 09, 2007

LST Training

Our Let's Start Talking training continued last night. I am excited about our team. We are getting to know each more and more and have so many different types of personalities. It is going to be cool to be a part of a student team...the dynamic is definitely different, but a good different.

I am hoping that I communicate (not just verbally) that there is not a team leader, namely myself. We are all sharing the leadership. The challenge is to make sure this mindset gets reinforced as we continue the training; we all contribute much to the team.

This year, I am really interested to see how we work out the details with Kayla and Tyler. I pray that they are able to play an important role, but we all need to learn what that role is going to be. For myself and Tanya, we need to give Kayla more opportunities to do things with the group. May God be glorified in all our training.

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