Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Joys of Life

Yesterday afternoon I had a little moment where I thought I missed Tyler's birth! I mow lawns on Tuesday afternoons to bring in a little extra money. Last week and yesterday I am checking my phone all the time (because I can't hear the phone ring due to the noise).

I look down at my phone after our third (of four) commercial yards and see that Doug had called twice...I think this is a little odd. He also left a voice mail, so I listen to it. His words were something like, "I was just checking to see how Tyler was doing. Give me a call or something when you get a chance." WHAT??!!

Before I call him back, I decide to call Tanya to make sure nothing happened! Since her cell phone is out of commission, I know she would let me know if she left the house or IF SHE WENT TO THE HOSPITAL!!! or something like that. She knows I can't get a hold of her and she can't me. As the phone keeps ringing, my thoughts begin to percolate in the unknown. I decide to call back because sometimes she doesn't hear the phone the first time or she is tied up with Kayla. After the second failed attempt at getting her at home, I decide to call Doug to see what's up!

He tells me that a church member just called him after not being able to get a hold of Tanya on her cell or at home. Obviously, the thoughts turn toward Tanya going to the hospital. Doug thought, "Since Chris isn't answering his phone...maybe they ARE at the hospital. Just in case that is so, he thinks it would be good to leave a message about checking up on Tyler!" WHAT???!!!

My percolating thoughts of the unknown have now simmered, because I knew that Tanya would be doing everything she could to get a hold of me before anyone else if she was going into labor. I finish the evening of mowing and come home to a wife who had made a spontaneous trip to Conroe for shopping.

It is in moments like these that we can sit back and praise God for the joys of life! Don't blink. You might miss something exciting.

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