Monday, April 09, 2007

His coming!!

Tyler is still waiting to be born!! Actually, the time is getting closer and closer. Tanya said this morning that she had a couple of contractions last night twenty minutes apart. They stopped after a few contractions. Tyler is coming!!

With all this excitement of new life in the air, I do have my moments of stress. When is he going to come? Who will take care of class? Who will do devo? Is everything ready for his arrival? What else do we need done? All these questions drain me even thinking about them! I wish he would just come and let me have some peace. I just can't stand not knowing when. Today...tomorrow...a week?

Surely, these feelings are some of the same feelings the early Christians had when they were waiting for Jesus' return. They knew he would be coming back "soon." We don't know exactly when it is, but it is soon. But, does that mean we don't go to work? Well...maybe. What about worrying about the harvest? Surely he'll come back before then!! All these same feelings cause me to have some sympathy with these early Christians. No wonder they thought they missed Jesus' return! (see 1 Thess 5:1ff.)

Let us continue to be alert and self-controlled as we build each other up until Jesus returns! And when you pray...put in a plug for Tyler's arrival!

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