Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jesus' Sleep

I wonder about how tired Jesus was day in and day out. Did he cat nap?

I know how I get when I don't get enough sleep. The day seems to drag on and on. Monday was one of those days for me. I was up late (admittedly watching a movie), Chica (my dog) had a bad ear infection that needed attending to at 3am, Kayla woke up the first time at 5am, and then the day began at 6:15am with a grumpy girl. The day was not the most alert day I have ever had. This being the case, I magaed to get through the day all the way without being a jerk to Tanya that night.

It seems to be a normal practice for Jesus to withdraw to solitary places. I am struck by Mark 1:35ff. It was very early in the morning when he went to pray. Perhaps Mark just mentions this as a typical thing Jesus did every day. But, if he didn't get to do this every day, was Jesus fighting to stay awake through the day? We will never know, but I bet he didn't.

This doesn't make me feel good.

I have experienced seasons (and days) in my life where energy just came over me that I cannot explain. It seems to be times that I was constantly consumed with God stuff. I didn't have time to worry about how I was feeling. Mission projects, service projects, retreat weekends, counseling sessions, lessons to prepare, Bible studies, etc. All of these put me in a situation that God's energy needed to come. It did, and I was sustained.

When I am dragging through the day, perhaps I am not consumed with God's business. I probably need to put myself in a situation in which God's energy is needed. Ask for it, and see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

I can say lately that I have energy that comes from unknown sources but I know that it just God keeping an eye on one of his children. No mater what my previose day was filled with and how little sleep I get I seem to find the energy to keep going and stay alert. In my current line of work that can be differece between life and death. You don't get the I just need a short nap and I'll be good to go moments very often and when they do come they are very welcome. I take time the thank God everyday for the blessings he pours upon me and the men I work with. They are some of the best trained men any one could ask for and some great friends. Even if thay are a little wild.
SPC Mike Brown
US Army - Currently in Iraq