Saturday, April 16, 2005


I have always wondered why Paul spends so much time giving greeting to people in his letters. Isn't this just formalities? Why do I need to read these things?

I think for the first time in my life I have caught a glimpse of why he would do such a thing. He goes to a town not having a place to stay and finds hospitality from the local Christians or provisions from Christians in other places. This has a tremendous impact on his life. His gratitude cannot be expressed enough. Therefore, anytime he has opportunity he gives his greeting, despite its "formality."

We just went on an interview for a campus ministry position. The family we stayed with welcomed us with open arms; we were basically considered part of their family. The congregation mobbed us (in a good way) to get to know us better. The college students were genuinely interested in us as well. The other ministers were encouragingly refreshing. Overall, they served us as Christ served his disciples. What an example! We cannot express our gratitude enough.

Even if for some reason we do not end up in this city, it truly remains in our hearts forever. The love of Christ is overwhelmingly present here. Thanks be to God for his presence in their lives.

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