Thursday, April 12, 2012

Outstanding Religious Organization

Last night the Kats for Christ won "Outstanding Religious Organization" at SHSU's 18th Annual Sammys, an awards ceremony that recognizes SHSU's outstanding student leaders and organizations.

In order to be nominated for a Sammy Award required us to receive nominations from members of the University community at large. Those nominated answered questions that were sent before a committee who determined the winners in each category.

We praise God for this award and certainly lay it before the Cross of Jesus!

Here is what was read as our representatives made their way to the front to receive this award:

"The Kats for Christ organization focuses on training and maturing disciples of Jesus. As a student-led ministry they accomplish their purpose by creating many opportunities for SHSU students to learn God’s word, experience faith community, live out Jesus’ life on earth right now, follow the Holy Spirit’s lead, and train other disciples.

"They work hard to provide a safe place for students to learn and grow in more than just academic studies while in college. Experiencing the fullness of life as they serve others, the students with Kats for Christ continue to make a big impact on campus, in Huntsville, and around the world right now.

"Whether it is transforming their building into a full-fledged, pizza restaurant called 'CafĂ© Italiano' (complete with Chicago-style pizza ovens, greeters, waiters and waitresses, head chef, crazy-fun DJs, and over 10 different kinds of homemade-from-scratch pizza), or whether it is responding to calls from widows who need young, strong backs to help move them across town, or whether it is sacrificing a summer to help people in Malaysia, Germany, Brazil, and Thailand improve their English, the Kats for Christ organization exemplifies the depth and maturity of Jesus Christ that lies behind Sam Houston State University’s motto: 'The measure of a life is its service.'"
It is so cool to be a part of the Kats for Christ!

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