Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dang Gina!

Profanity. What counts? How do we honor God in our language? Where do euphemisms fit in?

Last night we had a great discussion in our "You Asked For It" class where we are addressing various questions raised by our students. At the end of class I shared a few helpful principles to keep in mind as we learn to honor God with our lips. Here are the things I shared:

  • Realize that transformation happens slowly and only over time
  • Realize that our language both expresses and influences our heart
  • Recognize in yourself the situations when you struggle most in honoring God in your language
  • Develop a plan of action for those situations ahead of time
  • Understand that small decisions to refrain from certain words (even if you still think them) are signs of real progress
Over the next few blog entries I will go into more depth to explain some of these things. What do you think about these things?

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