Sunday, August 17, 2008

The One Shot

The SHSU football players came to church this morning. It was good to see them there. I'm grateful that their coach makes them experience church at some level. I pray they see God.

I do always wonder what is going on as they sit in the couple of services they are required to attend each year. Are they freaked out with the non-instrumental singing? Do they understand the things we do? Are they hyper-critical of, disinterested in, or excited about things? How religiously inclined are they? Does the sermon connect to them? Are they encouraged? Are they engaged? Will they seriously come back? Did they see Jesus? Are we pushing too much or too focused on them? All these types of questions have circled my mind in the last week, especially this morning.

Here is what I conclude: I can't worry about it.

Sometimes we can get all worked up over what we believe to be the one shot, the one opportunity, the only chance. I hear some saying nervously, "They may never step foot in this building again!!" meaning that we must do everything we can right now.

My approach is somewhat different. I take what opportunities the Lord provides and do what I can. I am in the planting seeds business. The Lord is working the ground of people's heart before they ever come my way sometimes. So, I'm not too interested sometimes in how "perfect" everything went.

I do pray that the Lord brings to himself those he needs right now. I pray that hearts were pricked. If they don't come to our building again, may the Lord draw them to himself in a later conversation or in a powerfully deep experience. There are many ways that the Lord draws us to himself.

I pray that we look for more ways to put ourselves out there in opportunity-ridden situations. May we scatter the seeds, water when necessary, and patiently wait for God's fruit to appear in time. Where does the Lord need you to be?

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