Sunday, March 02, 2008

Weeks and Days

I look back and see a string of activities stretching back to the beginning of the semester. It just all runs together. Discipleship meetings to class prep to website to coming home to dinner to baths to bed to another day filled with stuff. It all runs together.

Here are some questions at the forefront of my mind:
  • Does my time bring glory to God?
  • Is there enough space in the margins of my life?
  • How can God work on me when I am so busy working on others?
I seriously don't know what needs to go, but something needs to go. I look really busy; I feel really busy; I don't know how to become un-busy.

Lord, are you close? There are moments that I see and feel your presence. You give me words to say to others and speak to me when I am silent. But my desire to be closer to you draws me to look at my schedule. Show me what needs to give a little? Do I need to finish the semester like this? Are you teaching me how quick life vanishes? Give me insight into your heart. I desire to know you more...even in your sufferings. In the character of Jesus. Amen.

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Brian H. said...

Still praying for you Chris...

Check out a link on my site for a daily online prayer. I find it relaxing and time I can be with God even while on my computer. Go to and click on the praying hands.

Tell me how you like that praying site.