Monday, October 29, 2007


I have been wrestling with the idea of excellence in various ways since grad school. It came back to the forefront of my mind because of our visit to San Antonio. More specifically, as a result of going to church yesterday at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio.

They displayed excellence in a way that I have not experienced in a while. From us driving up to knowing where we should go to what they provided for Kayla to their worship to their use of drama to their use of many different people and talents. I was overwhelmed at how they were giving God their best! We will certainly tell them about our experience yesterday morning. It was refreshing.

I have since been thinking about excellence. I don't give God my best all the time. Perhaps because I am not encouraged to this end, perhaps because I can skate by on God-given talent rather than push for excellence in areas in which I am not gifted, or perhaps because I think God will take me just as I am and give him my mediocre self.

I need to pursue excellence in my organization skills. I need to push for excellence in how present I am with my wife. I need to press on toward excellence in raising Kayla and Tyler. Excellence needs to be my focus in my preaching and teaching. God demands all of me. He desires me to be in the business of newness at my very core; he wants excellence.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of this calling toward perfection. It is refreshing to experience it anew. I know that I can only do this for a certain amount of time by my own power. For this reason I need your power to sustain me. Help me wake up every morning with the newness that your excellence brings. Empower me with your spirit to be excellent.

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