Sunday, April 02, 2006

Super Slushy Worship

This morning I got to teach part of the youth group (10th through 12th grade). It was, I think, a good class. At least it seemed like they were interested and involved in what we were talking about: worship.

I find it completely interesting that I am teaching a class on a subject that has been questioned this last week (see a previous blog of mine). At least our young people are getting a few things. One, the connection that worship is active, not passive is huge. We are not watching something, but participating in something greater than we are. Two, worship is doing something that pleases our creator. That means worship happens throughout the week, not just on Sunday morning. When I am serving at the local Super Slushy, I have the opportunity to engage in worship. "Have a good day as I praise God serving you, sir."

I guess what encourages me more than anything else is that our youth are getting it. This is good sign that God is pumping freshness into our body. Lord, help us to change our hearts to reflect yours more this week.

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Unknown said...

Chris, I know it's tuff for all of us to break out of our earthly molds and to really serve God the way he wants us to. So I'm thankful for your challenges. Stay close to the word in all your efforts of revival and never let Satan use you. Your doing a great job, thanks for all you do.