Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cleaning Diapers

I may be a freak, but it is not a big deal to me to clean Kayla's diapers. It is just something that I know I am going to be doing. "Shewies" (as we call them) are cool!

Now while I would say this about Kayla's diapers, I would not say the same thing about changing anyone else's baby's diapers. NO WAY!! That is sick! Don't ask me to do that!!

I ask myself why is that? Why am I not so eager to change someone else's baby's diaper? It is because she is mine; Kayla is my little girl; she came from me. There is a connection there that I share with her that allows me to constantly change her diapers, wet ones and "shewies" alike. Other babies don't share that connection.

Now...that is how God looks at us. We are his; we are his little girl and little boy; we came from him, made in his image. He looks at the mess we have made, and longs to clean it up. It is a joy for him to see us clean. And here is the cool thing...when we do it again...he is right here to clean it up...again. This is how God looks at us.

Resolve today to see God as your creator who longs to work with you to make you clean and whole and lovely. He loves you. His image is in you. Thank him today in your prayers for his compassion for you.

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