Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wed Night Class

I am super-excited about the responses I have gotten about what we are doing on Wednesday nights. We are going through an introduction to Kats for Christ. (You can check out the notes on our class notes page.) People have been saying they like this class because it really lets everyone know where we are and where we are planning to go. This is encouraging.

Our first class was really cool with a ton of discussion. It was mainly because of the topic: our Church of Christ heritage. We talked about hot topics or issues that we deal with. I am thinking about doing something in this regard in the future, but we don't need to do this right now.

The Biblical basis for KFC also had good discussion. Many students contributed many good scriptures to contemplate as a guide for our ministry here. Right now we are still in the middle of talking about our mission statement. I like our thinking and the modifications that we are making as we go along.

The part of the class that I am really looking forward to is the one where students will be breaking up to brainstorm about our various ministries in a couple of weeks. This will also give students the opportunity to get plugged in and start trying out various ministries for themselves. That is what I am really about. Students would not otherwise be trained for leadership in the church in the future.

Thanks for the encouragement!!

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