Friday, May 06, 2005

My Two Primary Jobs

As we eagerly plan to move to Huntsville we think about transitions in ministry. This is an important time in the life of the church as well as the life of the minister. We know this because we have been on both ends at one time or another, and people have told us this. While we were students two different ministers came to our church (one a college minister and another an associate). We also made the transition as the new college minister at University Church of Christ. Both have proved to be opportunities for us to learn...and learn we did.

As students, we found out first-hand what happens when a college minister comes in without regard for what is already happening. He doesn't last too long and he makes many enemies. We also experience the wisdom of a minister who went to great lengths to understand the situation he came to. He is still there and has become the preaching minister of the same church.

All ministries are not the same, and each should be treated as unique. We will not make the mistake of ignoring context. College ministry at Sam Houston State University will be unlike any other place on the planet...we need to learn what that is going to look like. Lord, give us your wisdom and strength as we begin.

My two primary jobs as a new minister: historian and lover. I will do everything I can to learn what has happened to make Huntsville Church of Christ and the Student Center what they are right now. I will also love the people of Huntsville Church of Christ and the students at the Student Center. These are huge! They will also teach me a ton about how God will use my gifts in ministry in Huntsville, Texas.

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